Columbia Office: 803-252-9226
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Charleston Office : 843-747-8100
Columbia Fax: 803-252-9939
Charleston Fax : 843-747-0003

Service Agreements Include

Major Customer Benefits

Scheduled Maintenance Service

  • Cleaning, adjustment, lubrication, general testing
  • Efficiency analysis and predicative testing
  • Scheduled service
  • Customized to your systems needs

Scheduled Maintenance Benefits

  • Increases equipment life
  • Maximizes equipment efficiency
  • Minimizes operating costs
  • Assures performance of maintenance routines

Repair and Replacement

  • Replacement of worn and defective parts
  • Includes labor/material to replace defective parts
  • Replacement of air filter media and belts


Maintainable Part Replacement

  • Budgeting and control of unexpected expenses
  • Professional technicians servicing equipment
  • We are your single source for equipment and parts

Emergency Service

  • Priority Response
  • Just a phone call away
  • 24 Hours a day 365 days a year

Emergency Service Benefits

  • Just call Us!! Someone is always available
  • No more inconvenience
  • No additional overtime charges and priority service


Computer Based Planning

  • History of all work performed on systems
  • Computer based scheduling of service

Computer System Benefits

  • Maintenance history of all services performed
  • Complete record of all maintenance tasks


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